Triminator Dry Automatic Trimming Machine

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Type: Trimmer

The Triminator Dry is the best all-around bud trimmer on the market today. It is relatively portable but can process up to a massive 56 pounds of dry material per day, or 5 to 8 pounds per hour.

Proprietary design elements eliminate the need for lubricants and reduce heat, resulting in pure and dry product with reduced resin and trichome loss.

A simple pull pin pivot system allows the drum to rotate for easy loading and unloading and the turn-loc system allows for fast and tool-free drum swaps and cleaning. It can safely be power-washed.

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Pure Trim Technology

Triminator's proprietary technology eliminates metal on metal friction, which reduces the need for lubricants and keeps heat down.

  • Trim and pure medicinal plants flowers: no lubrication means higher quality buds
  • Reduced resin loss and stickiness: less friction means less heat build up, so resin is not as sticky and less of it is lost
  • Highest clarity extracts: no lubricants or excessive heat generation leads to the highest possible clarity




Proprietary material reduces need for lubricants and reduces friction by eliminating metal on metal interfaces.


See Why Triminator Dry is the best bud trimmer.


Keep medicinal plants flowers and trim pure.


Reduce resin loss and stickiness with no heat build up.


Produce the highest clarity extracts.

Designed For Maximum Results

Every part of the Dry Bud Trimmer was thoughtfully designed to improve operation and results.

  • 5 to 8 lbs per hour: or up to 56 pounds per day
  • Faster trimming: the long, narrow drum maximizes the cutting surface, which speeds up the trimming process
  • Perfect cutting speed: Triminator ran extensive testing to determine the perfect speed that is just fast enough to cut, but still slow enough to maintain the integrity of the trichomes
  • Minimal trichome loss: the slow, gentle tumble means the flower is exposed to new cutting surfaces naturally, resulting in minimal trichome loss



Long narrow drum maximizes cutting surface resulting in faster trimming, without causing unnecessary movement for the flowers. Ideal cutting speed provides optimum gentle tumble, which helps preserve trichomes.


Long narrow drum maximizes cutting surface resulting in faster trimming.


By testing hundreds of rotating speeds we’ve established the perfect automatic bud trimmer cutting speed, slow enough to maintain the integrity of the trichomes, fast enough to cut.


A gentle tumble allows the medicinal plants flower to be exposed to new cutting surfaces naturally with little trichome loss, if any.


This dry bud trimmer was designed to go anywhere. Simply roll it where you want to go.

User Friendly Operation

The Dry was designed to make operation as easy and convenient as possible. It is the best all around dry trimmer on the market today, due to its large processing capacity and its portability.

  • Batch timer: allows for set-and-forget operation; set the timer and come back whenever you want, without worrying about over-trimming
  • Portability: set of wheels makes it easy to transport your trimmer anywhere you need it
  • Tool-free assembly: assemble and disassemble in under 15 seconds, with the brilliant turn-loc system; swapping drums out is a snap, as is cleaning
  • Ergonomic design: pull-pin system makes loading and unloading easy and hassle free
  • Pressure washable: makes cleanup easier than ever (but you can also use other cleaning methods)


  • Dimensions: 36 (H) by 24 (W) by 36 (L) inches
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 110 watts
  • Amperage: dedicated 20 amp circuit required
  • Warranty: 2-year factory warranty