Tom's Tumbler TTT 1900 Dry Blade-less Trimmer

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Tom's Tumbler TTT 1900 is one of the most popular of Tom’s Tumblers. It can do the job of 6 or more hand-trimmers working all day in just one hour! It is affordable and easy to use.

It is hands down the most gentle, effective, and fast trimmer on the market. When used properly, hand trimmed quality is easily achieved. Cut labor costs and save up to 80% to 90% of your time and money while maintaining the quality of a hand trimmer. The TTT 1900 System is perfect for small to medium size growers and processors.

How It Works:

The weight of the flowers tumbling over each other and brushing against the soft mesh netting gently breaks the trim off without hurting the trichomes. Each flower is beautifully manicured in less than 5 minutes. Our variable speed motor allows you to control the speed of the tumbling action.

How to Use Tom's Tumble Trimmer:

After drying your product and removing large leaves and stems, place recommended product weight in trimmer using the the 1/2" mesh net first. Run the trimmer for 5-10 minutes, depending on density, strain and dryness. We recommend the highest speed for most effective trimming. This will trim your medium to large flowers with great efficiency. Some smaller flowers will pass through the netting with the trim. Replace the 1/2" mesh net with the 3/8" mesh net and re-run your trim through it. This will isolate your smaller flower while allowing the trim to push through. Rerun your trim through the pollen screen to isolate the pollen screen. At this point you may have approximately ten to fifteen percent of touch up work to do, depending on your product.

Brand Tom's Tumbler
SKU HGC800270
Weight (lb.) 30.5
Prop 65 No
Height (in.) 8
Width (in.) 24
Length (in.) 36
Lead Time Ships in 6-7 Business Days
UPC 710822999115
UL Listed No
Trimmer Type Tumbler
Operation Motorized
Feed Type Batch Feed
Plant Material Dry
Production Capability 12lbs/hr
Voltage 120 Volt

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