Telos 6 PRO (Slimline) - LED Grow Light

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Telos 6 PRO (Slimline)

The latest version of a tried and tested, modern and efficient LED luminaire. Now featuring a slimmer, lightweight design and high output OSRAM LEDs.

Suitable for top-down growing applications, commercial greenhouses, and harsh environments such as advanced medical facilities.

A single Telos 6 PRO is suitable for up to a 75cm x 75cm area and will outperform a 250w HPS.


Designed to Last

The Telos 6 Pro is the smallest unit in the range and is best suited to setups where space and temperature need to be tightly controlled.

  • Latest LED technology; the most efficient Hyper-Red LED architecture from Osram semiconductor.

  • Universal driver brackets: easy to service or upgrade the systems power supply.

  • High-quality waterproof twist-lock connectors from Wieland Electric provide safe and reliable power in any condition.


Powered by Meanwell Drivers

Featuring Meanwell high-efficiency LED drivers. Reliable, waterproof, low voltage and with a long 5 year warranty.

Powered by Osram LEDs

Telos lighting systems feature full spectrum white Osram Duris LED's and high efficiency Osram Oslon Square hyper reds. This combination provides a true enhanced spectrum, suitable for a wide variety of crops, from seed through to harvest.


Is this light dimmable?

By carefully detaching the driver from the main fixture - it is possible to dim this light using a wattmeter and small crosshead screwdriver.

What's in the box?

  • 1x Telos 6 PRO (Slimline) 175w LED grow light.


Hanging height


Flower TBC



System efficiency 

2.4 µmol/j. 




309mm, 236mm, 113mm


Coverage veg Up to 1m x 1m
Coverage Flower Up to 75cm x 75cm