Spectrum King LowPro Veg 433W LED Grow Light

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Spectrum King LowPro Veg LED Grow Light

Designed for commercial growers who need a low profile grow light, the brand developed the LowPro Veg to address vertical racking needs.

Set it up with as low as six inches of clearance, and the LowPro Veg provides a balanced light spread and coverage.

Churning out 433 watts of power, the LowPro Veg can provide enough light to illuminate your plants at the vegetation stage in 4 x 4 feet footprints.

Take this grow light to a whole new level with the optional dimmer. The LowPro Veg also has an option for a remote power system to program your lights.

Installing the LowPro Veg is easy, thanks to its click frame design. It features a water-resistant casing that makes it ideal for wet and humid environments.

The LowPro Veg comes with a three-year warranty.


Best for Vertical Racking

The LowPro Veg allows for tight installations with clearance as low as six inches.


Designed for Vegetation

The LowPro Veg spectrum is tuned best to help your plants develop at the early stages.


Easy to set up

Assembly is not a problem with the LowPro Veg, thanks to its click frame design that makes installation easy.


  • 433 watts
  • Best for the vegetation stage
  • Covers up to 4 x 4 footprints
  • Ideal for Vertical Racking
  • As low as six inches of clearance
  • Water-resistant
  • Click frame assembly
  • Covered with a three-year warranty

Product Spectrum:

Product Specifications:

Watts 420-watt veg light
Bars 4 Bars (105 watts per bar)
Amperage Draw:
@120 volt - 3.5 amps
@240 volt - 1.75 amps
@277 volt - 1.52 amps
@480 v 3ph - 0.5 amps
Input power factor 0.99 PF
Efficacy 135.35 lm/w
Total Lumens 63,070 lumens
Veg Coverage Area 4' x 4'
Weight 23.6 lbs in weight

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