Rayonled GLMF720W - Foldable Medical LED Grow Light High PAR

ECO Farm


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This LED grow light is the latest products from Rayonled's team of lighting bioengineers. Backed by their impressive expertise in LED technology, this medical-grade unit has everything to appeal to both hobby and commercial growers.

Looking to bring you garden to the next level? Look no further. The GLMF720W is designed to replace and surpass the results from a 1000W HID fixture. More importantly this fixture has dedicated UV-IR bars that can be controller independently. From the spectrum to the certifications, it has been thoughtfully crafted to compete with the top grow light on the market.


Some benefits of the addition of UVA:

-    Plants react by making chemicals, antioxidants and enzymes to protect themselves  
     (They make  their own sunscreen)
-    Increases THC, CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants / vitamins and pigmentation
-    Helps inhibit mold growth and fungal development 

Some benefits of the addition of Far Red:

-      Plants are best able to make energy out of red light
-      Promotes flowering, robust stem growth, proper node spacing
-      Produces sugars and carbons which are essential parts of plant growth and the 
       building blocks for plant cells
-      The red and blue combination allows for faster rate of photosynthesis 
-      Far-Red creates the emerson effect (signals to the lower stems to seek quality light)


Key features:

- Designed and assembled by Rayonled in Canada.

- Passively cooled bars provide full-spectrum, broad-coverage light for full-term growth

- High-output 1944 µmols PAR! and an impressive efficacy of 2.7 µmol/s per watt

- This unit has UV and Far Red bars to offer the fullest spectrum currently available on the market!

- IP65 certification allowing the light to perform and last even in the most humid grow rooms

- Independent bars and drivers ensure that even if a problem occurs the light can be repaired without losing the production of the entire fixture.

- Best-in-class durability testing. Instead of doing a regular 48h test on their lights Rayonled will test every fixture in a special oven that provides the highest standard of heat resistance.

- 5-year full warranty on all fixtures.





IP: IP65

EFFICACY: 2.7 μmol/J
PPF: 1 940 μmol


LIFESPAN: L85-50,000Hrs
CRI: 80Ra
DIMMABILITY: 2 Rotating devices included 
WARRANTY: 5 years




- Extrusion aluminum housing light engine

- Extrusion aluminum housing driver

- The driver compartment isolated from the light engine for better cooling.

- IP65 construction

- Foldable ( already assembled plug-and-play)

- Ambient temperature -20oC ~ +50oC

- Suspension with stainless V hooks

- 2 dimmers included with capability to control full-spectrum and UV/FR separately.

- RJ14 Port optional

- Package (Dimension / Weight ) Bars: 49*9*10 in (30 IBS ); Driver: 14*25*6 in (19 IBS )