Rayonled GLM 640W Full Spectrum Dimmable LED Grow Light

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Product Description:

This LED grow light is the latest products from Rayonled's team of engineers. Backed by their impressive expertise in LED technology, this medical grade unit has everything to appeal to both hobby and commercial growers.

Looking to bring you garden to the next level? Look no further. The GLM 640 is designed to replace and surpass the results from a 1000W HID fixture. From the spectrum to the certifications, it has been thoughtfully crafted to compete with the top grow light on the market.

Product Features:

- Passively cooled bars eliminate moving parts and provide full-spectrum, broad-coverage light for full-term growth
  • - High-output 1506 µmols PAR and an impressive efficacy of 2.35 µmol/s per watt
  • - IP65 certification allowing the light to perform and last even in the most humid grow rooms
  • - Independent bars and drivers ensure that even if a problem occurs the light can be repaired without losing the production of the entire fixture.
  • - Best-in-class durability testing. Instead of doing a regular 48h test on their lights Rayonled will test every fixture in a special oven that provides the highest standard of heat resistance.
  • - 5 Year warranty on all fixtures.

Product Specifications:

    • Design For Medical Plant, Full Spectrum

    • Extruded Aluminum Housing For Light Engine And Driver Compartment

    • Light Engines Are Isolated From Driver Compartment

    • Multiple Bar Luminaire, 5 To 10 Bars

    • Multiple Pc Board Led Assembly In Each Bar For Maintenance Capability

    • Ingress Protection Ip65

    • Working Temperature -20ºc ~ +50ºc

    • Working Humidity 23%rh-90%rh

    • Beam Angle 120º

    • Ppf Efficacy: 2.3umol/j

    • L85:50,000 Hrs

    • Input Voltage 120/277vac 60hz

    • Power Factor >9 0%

    • Dimming Capability Optional.

    • Wifi Remote Control Optional

    • Harmonic Distortion

Product Construction:

Extrusion aluminum housing light engine
Extrusion aluminum housing driver
Driver compartment isolated from light engine for better cooling
IP65 construction
Multi-bar assembly unit
Ambient temperature -20oC ~ +50oC
Suspension with stainless V hooks
Dimmer included
RJ14 Port optional

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