ParfactWorks Intelligent Grow Light RJ11 Controller

ECO Farm

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The ParfactWorks Intelligent Grow Light RJ11 Controller gives you the ability to control an entire lighting system from one central unit. Easily program strain-specific grow schedules and spectrum and this feature-packed controller allows you to separately manage veg, flower, and UV settings.

  • A Single Controller Runs 100pcs+ Lights at one time.
  • Sunrise/Cloudy/Sunset DIY Setup.
  • Digital Timer Eliminates the Need for External Timers or Contactors.
  • User-defifined Grow Schedules and Spectrum for Specifific Strain.
  • Controls Separate Veg, Bloom and UV.
  • Uses Standard RJ11 Data Cables.

        Controller Features

        • Control voltage outputs: 2 Zones (Groups). 1/2
        • Numbers of control channels: 3
        • Numbers of lights per output: 50 pcs max
        • Max. cable length per group: 100 meters
        • Match LED Fixture: unlimited
        • Power Dimming: Scope 0 - 100%
        • Power consumption: < 4.5W
        • Input voltage: DC12V
        • Output: 0 - 10V
        • Dimension & Weight: L145xW88xH35mm, 0.3kg
        • Working temperature: - 20-50℃
        • Warranty: 1 year

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