Optic Slim 650S Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Grow Light With Samsung 301H+ 351H Chips

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The Optic Slim 650S is the first-ever bar light fixture to deliver 3 way spectrum control. It has independent dimmers for red, blue, and white LEDs.

The Slim 650S is engineered to give you performance far beyond what any other LED grow light company has on the market today.

It features the new Samsung LH351H deep red LEDs rated at 3.1 umols/J and the Samsung white LM301H LEDs which are above 3.0 umols/J. Royal blue, IR and UV round out the spectrum.

When combined with the Optic touch screen master controller (select above), the Slim 650S gives you the power to recreate mother nature with precision accuracy.


Optic Slim 650S Features

  • Samsung LM301H LEDs: 2992 diodes with a mix of 3000K and 4000K white light
  • Samsung LH351H LEDs: 32x 450 nm royal blue and 64x 660 deep red
  • UV and IR: 4x ultraviolet diodes and 4x infrared diodes (730 nm)
  • 120 degree lens: each Samsung and CREE diode has a 120 degree lens for protection and to focus the beam for better efficiency
  • Meanwell driver: 3x top of the line MeanWell dimmable drivers (remote mountable)
  • Large coverage: 4 by 4 feet coverage area
  • Dimmable: red (with UV and IR), blue and white diodes are dimmed separately from 0 to 100%
  • Yield: Up to 1430 grams / 51.07 oz /  3.2 lbs (2.2 grams per watt)
  • Highly efficient: 650 watt power consumption (at 100%), but is equivalent to 1300 watt HID
  • 10-year warranty: you'll see other stores call it a lifetime warranty, but read the fine print...it's 10 years
  • Controller Port: use Optic's 7" Touchscreen Optic LED Master Controller to control light(s) remotely (but not required, you can also use the settings directly on the fixture); add the controller option above to save $100 over buying it separately


Top Quality LEDs And Driver For Incredible Power


The PPF per watt is 3.019. The PPFD at 10 inches is 1342. The following table shows the PAR footprint over a 4x4 area at 10 inches:

Optic Slim 650S PPFD 10 inches


At 18 inches:

Optic Slim 650S PPFD chart 18 inches


Dimmable To Save Money When Full Power Is Not Needed

This light is dimmable from 0 to 100%, with red, white and blue all separately controlled.

Crank up the blue dimmer early in veg, for thicker stems, tighter node spacing and bushier plants that yield better in flower.

Keep the blue high early in flower, if you notice your plants are stretching too much.

Then unleash the Samsung deep red LEDs to give you amazing flowering production, Dense buds and heavyweight yields.

Here are the recommended dimmer settings for maximum efficiency:

  • Seedlings: 25% power at 36" hanging height
  • Vegging: 25% at 24"
  • Flowering Week 1-3: 50% power at 24"
  • Flowering Week 4-6: 75% power at 18 "to 24"
  • Flowering Week 7-8: 100% power at 16" to 18"
  • Flowering Week 9-10: 100% power at 10" to 18"


Perfect Full Spectrum Light For Flowering & Vegging

The 3000K and 4000K Samsung diodes provide a warm white light and the supplemental diodes add deep red, royal blue, UV and IR.

Optic Slim 650S spectrum


Package Includes

  • 1x Optic Slim 650S with 120v or 240v power cord (select above)
  • 1x dimmable driver module
  • 4x adjustable ratchet hangers
  • 1x Controller (optional; add above)


The Optic LED Slim 650S is a powerful light that gives you greater yields, thanks to the large form factor, which distributes the light more evenly across the entire coverage area.