Mobius M108S Automatic Wet & Dry Bud Trimmer Machine

ECO Farm


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Built for cultivators who demand high-quality trimmed product without sacrificing production volume or speed, the M108S is revolutionizing trim rooms around the world.

The AirThread Tension Tumbler is dent-proof, rust-proof, and offers 50% more blade access than rival trimmers. Three TriFlex blades offer a precision cut identical to scissors. The all-in-one design trims wet or dry with the same tumbler, tilts to the desired amount at the turn of a dial (no racks required), and comes complete with an integrated vacuum system and trim separator (no bulky add-ons or gross hoses). By providing more access to more blades, product is trimmed faster while handled less, resulting in a finished flower that rivals trimming by hand.

The M108S ships complete with the following:

  • Spring Jack
  • 2x tumblers
  • 2x trim totes
  • Infeed hopper
  • Outfeed chute

Gentle on product. Unrivaled in volume.

The Mobius M108S is quickly becoming the trimmer of choice for successful  growers around the world. Gentle trimming is a function of minimizing the number of times it goes around the tumbler while touching it as little as possible. The product should move through the trimmer efficiently with lots of blade access, cradled by a tumbler that has minimal surface area to block leaves or collect resin. The Mobius AirThread Tension Tumbler is made of stainless steel cable which means the product has very little surface to touch and more access to blades than any rival trimmer. Resin stays on the flower where it belongs. Three independent blade cartridges offer three times the cutting power, resulting in flower trimmed to perfection at a quality and rate unmatched by any other trimming machine on the market.


  • DRY: 60 lbs/hour; WET: 120lbs/hour
  • Tumbler offers 50% more access to cutting blades than any other trimmer
  • Dent-proof, rust-proof tumbler trims wet or dry
  • 3 nitrided blade cartridges offer 108” of cut length
  • All-in-one design: Compact device with fully integrated trim separator and vacuum
  • User controllable tumbler speed, blade speed, vacuum power, and tilt
  • Run two units tandem for over double the production
  • Easy to clean and GMP-ready
  • 1 year warranty

The Perfect Tumbler

Innovative in design. Unrivaled in performance. The AirThread Tension Tumbler is made from a single strand of aircraft grade stainless steel cable over 300-feet long, woven 90 times to form a 36-inch tube. This unique and patent-pending design not only allows Mobius tumblers to be rust-proof, but also dent-proof, as they become flexible when removed. When locked into place with evenly applied spring tension, the tumbler becomes perfectly cylindrical. The consistent and tiny gap between the tumbler and blades makes for a consistent and tightly trimmed end-product.

Stainless-steel cable construction offers industry leading 0.25-inch gaps for maximum cutting blade access – more than 50% greater than traditional tumbler designs. This enables a faster trim time (product spends less time in the tumbler), less surface area to collect resin (reducing cleaning time and precious resin loss), and a closer trim.