Melontek 630W Ceramic Metel Halide CMH/CDM DE Grow Light Kit

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Product Features:

  • Complete Indoor 630W grow light Kit
  • Temperature color: 3200K or 4200K (optional)
  • Dimmer: 315w, 400w, 500w,600w and 630w
  • Light Ratchet Hanger: adjustable
  • High-tech digital ballast: 630 Watt CMH electronic ballast, low power consumption, high power, high lighting, excellent energy saving effect, and can effectively control the current and voltage, the automatic detection system, which is beneficial to extend the service life , flexibility and can reach full brightness quickly.
  • Grow light CMH bulb type: Double-Ended, provide the full light spectrum, so it can be used for both the vegetable and flowering stages.
  • The coverage area: 4 feet * 4 feet, which means higher harvest and lower cost

Technical Parameter:

  • Wattage: 630W –  CMH Grow Light Kit
  • Input voltage: 180V~265Vac
  • Input wattage: 690W
  • Input current: 2.86A
  • Min power factor: ≥0.99
  • THD: ≤10%
  • Wave crest coefficient: ≤1.7
  • Knob Step(dimmer):  315W/400W/500W/600W/630W
  • Max temperature on ballast shell: 75℃/167℉
  • Ambient temperature: -25-+50℃/-4-+104℉
  • Max humidity: 95%
  • Pulse voltage: 4-6KV


  • Length: 21.53”
  • Width: 9.56”
  • Height: 5.12”
  • Weight: 8.51Ib

630W CMH Plant Growth Lamp/bulb: 

  • Wattage(W): 630W
  • Base: N/A
  • Operating Voltage (v): 190+15
  • Operating Current(A): 3.60
  • Luminous Flux(lm): 80,000
  • Colour Temperature(K): 3,200 or 4200 (optional)
  • PPF(umol/m): 1,200
  • Average Life(h): 18,000
  • Application: The CMH Lamp is special for plant ( tomatoes, cannabis, roses, tulips ) growth; the large greenhouses, hydroponic industries, horticultural lighting, offer personal customized indoor lighting layouts and comparison studies for many types of commercial applications.
630W CMH DE Grow Light Bulb
Melontek Lighting 630W CMH DE Grow Light Bulb
630W CMH DE Grow Light Bulb Full Spectrum
Melontek Lighting 630W CMH DE Grow Light Bulb Full Spectrum


Package Carton includes: 

1 * Power cord:  Input 16AWG/3C 240V 6-15P Plug L=10FT
1 * Lamp holder: K12X30S lamp holder,3KV
1 * 630W CMH grow light bulb
1 * Reflector: Aluminum imported from Germany
1 * Digital Ballast: 630w Low Frequency & Square Wave Electronic Ballast
1 * Pair of Heavy Duty Rope Ratchet
1 * Product Manual


Packing weight: 5.5kgs
Packing carton size: 58.5*31*18CM
Delivery time: according quantity of order, usual 15-25days
Loading port: Qingdao Port or Airplane, China
Sample: available

Why choose CMH Gorw Light KIT/Fixture?! (Indoor grow light Kit)

Plants have evolved for millions of years under natural sunlight which has a very balanced spectrum. Most artificial light sources are either fully or partially deficient in certain areas of this spectrum. As an example, while producing heavy red/orange content, high pressure sodium lamps are very deficient in blue and violet.

Many hydroponic growers begin their growth cycle using a strong vegetative light source, heavy in blue/violet, to encourage young plants to grow healthy and strong. After the plants have achieved a specific height or stage in the growth cycle, the light source is then switched to a more full spectrum, or well balanced, light source.

CMH grow light fixture/CMH Grow Light Kit/Indoor grow kit spectral output.
Finally, many growers then switch to a light source, heavy in red/orange content, to encourage budding and flowering. In a way, this process ‘pieces together’ the various spectra needed, varied during each stage of growth.

While no light source exactly replicates the sun,our CMH grow light fixture / indoor grow Kit is the industry’s best replica of natural sunlight, providing a very consistent and broad spectral output with high energy (µmole/sec). Based on the type of plant, CMH grow light fixture lamps are used by many industry leaders, either as an all-purpose, single-lamp source or as a ‘middle stage’ lamp for crops grown under multiple lamp types.