ECO Farm Master Grow Light Controller for DE Ballast Digital Ballast

ECO Farm

Collections: ECO Farm Commercial Light Controller

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Brief Information
Product Name
Master Controller
Rated Voltage
input Frequency
Output Voltage
Ballast Controlled
EMC Functions
Wireless Function
2 years

ECO Farm Master Controller is designed for growers who need large scale lighting control. It can be dimmed by setting program, very useful for indoor plant grow.

The Controller can set the auto-dimming temperature, shut down temperature, and light circle, etc. When the indoor temperature is high, the controller can let the ballast dim to small power or shut down, and it will restart when the ambient temperature is cool. You can set the local time and let the light OFF and ON at requested time.

The Temperature Sensor is maded with high sensitive material, you can feel safe to use it after setting the program.

Plug and Play, the controller use a very safe connection, it cannot be loose. And the connection between ballasts is using a 6P4C jack, and you don't need to buy a split, HORTLIGHT help you save the cost.

Now let's join hands together, and make our bright future!

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