Mammoth Lighting 740W Fulll Spectrum Commercial LED Grow Light +Sperately UV IR Light

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10 Bar Led Grow Light (8 Standard + 2 UV bars) - 740w - with 2 Dimmer Knobs + 2 Sets of RJ Ports to independently control the UV bars manually or from an external controller

What sets this UV light apart – is the ability to independently control the UV bars with a separate dimmer knob and RJ ports (to an external controller).  You want to run UV full time (not recommended)..….you can.  You want to activate the last 4 weeks of flower (recommended)….you can.  You want to experiment and run 96 hours of just UV at the end of flowering ..….you can!! 

There is still a lot to be learned about UV lighting - you now have the chance to lead the experimentation. 

Studies on whether UV supplemental lighting can improve the aroma and flavor of vegetables are still in their infancy. 


10 bars total, 8 bars standard 3500K + 660nm for full cycle growing, 2 bars UV 400nm + 310nm, 740w when running all 10bars, 640w when using just 8 bars, 120-degree beam angle, 1850µmol/s, knob dimming, 5 year warranty. 

Why UV

Research shows UV Light May Increase Trichome Density, THC Content, Flavonoids and Inhibit Mold and Fungal development.  Outdoors, about 10% of the sun’s light is ultraviolet.  When UV light hits a leaf, the plant makes “sunscreen” to protect itself from damage. Plants produce many different types of sunscreen. Some of these sunscreens are physical, like trichomes, and some of them are chemical, like anthocyanins and beta-carotene.  They protect the plant by reflecting away the harmful UV rays. In cannabis, these trichomes are the site of THC and CBD storage.

UV, specifically UVB is known to damage protein and nucleic acids in plant cells, causing decreased metabolism and decreased number of flowers.  Therefore, much of the research recommends adding UV at the end of flowering.  Research shows that applying UV light for 6 hours per day, for at the end of flowing can increase Δ9-THC content by 28%!! 

Aside from increasing THC content, UV wavelengths can change the color, flavor, and smell of a plant. These changes in color, flavor, and smell often make plants more appealing to humans, but more toxic to some insects. Plants with increased levels of these flavor/smell compounds are less likely to get eaten by insects! Lastly, there is strong evidence that UV wavelengths light prevents the spread and severity of fungal spores.  Ultraviolet light is useful for more than just increasing THC content!!



  • Delivers more light intensity in µmol/s through advanced optical design
  • Slim vertical profile conserves precious vertical real estate
  • Uniformity and intensity can be fine-tuned by adjusting the built-in dimming knob. 
  • True IP65 protection against water and dust
  • Five-year warranty, 10000 hours on UV diodes



  • Product: LED grow light 10 strips, 8 standard + 2 UV, dimming, RJ port
  • Power: 640w + 100W (50w each UV bars)
  • Voltage: AC100-250V 50-60Hz
  • LEDs: SAMSUNG LM301B SK bin + UV diodes
  • LED driver: Constant Current
  • Spectrum: 3500K add 660nm, UV bars 400nm + 310nm
  • LED lifespan: 50000 Hours
  • Dimension: 47.9 x 43 x 3.9"
  • Plug: 10 Foot standard 120v (US appliance) or add 240v 





Wattage: 640W + 100W (50w each UV bars)

10 bars total, 8 bars standard 3500K + 660nm for full cycle growing, 2 bars UV 400nm + 310nm, 740w when running all 10 bars, 640w when using just 6 bars

Voltage: AC100-277V 50-60Hz

LEDs: SAMSUNG LM301B SK + UV diodes

Spectrum: 3500K add 660nm, UV bars 400nm + 310nm

PPF: 1850 µmol/s

Coverage: A strong 4'x4' for 5'x5'

Mounting Height: 24" for flower, 36" for veg

CRI: >90

Power Factor: >95%

LED lifespan: >50000 Hours, 10000 Hours for UV

Dimensions: 47.9 x 43 x 3.9"

Weight: 60 lbs

Plug: 10'

Daisy Chain: Yes

Beam Angle: 120 degrees

Cerifications: IP65

Waranty: 5 years