Kind LED X² Commercial 750 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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The Kind LED X² Commercial LED grow light was developed to be the perfect solution to vertical racking and overhead grow operations. Built for close-proximity growing, this professional grow light capitalizes on tiered growing space while maintaining a large coverage footprint and stunningly even PPFD output.

Kind LED Grow Lights’ X2 Commercial LED grow light has been hailed as a revolutionary innovation in commercial grow light technology. Developed specifically for vertical racking and overhead grow operations, the X2 has multiple hanging options, allowing for closer proximity to the canopy, making the most of your tiered growing space while maintaining a large coverage footprint and even PPFD output. The X2 will increase harvest weight and quality, giving you unrivaled potential for returns on your harvest, making the X2 an ideal solution for any commercial or large-scale grow operation.

Backed by Science, Not Trends

Kind LED's PLANT FIRST Design builds on decades of light science to give your plants calculated levels of targeted light spectrum during photosynthesis.

Industry-Leading Service

Your success is their greatest achievement. Kind LED is determined to provide growers peace of mind with best-in-class products and industry-leading service.

Increased Yields and Quality

Unique concentric square design rejects dated concepts and offers uniform PPFD throughout large footprint for increased yields and quality.

Game-Changing Innovation in Commercial Grow Technology Dimensions

INCREASED HARVEST WEIGHT With a recommended hanging height of only 6-12” this fixture allows for close proximity to the canopy, capitalizing on valuable tiered growing space while maintaining massive coverage.

OPTIMIZED HARVEST QUALITY A customizable spectrum allows you to match the needs of any plant, at any stage of growth. You only need one fixture to get the job done, seed to harvest.

MINIMIZED WASTE The unique configuration of the X2 offers the most even PPFD across the entire footprint. Never sacrifice an inch of potential growth across your canopy or deal with troublesome hot spots putting your harvest at risk.

MAXIMIZED VERSATILITY Ideal for large scale overhead or vertically racked grow systems, the X2 also offers multiple hanging options to fit the needs of any commercial or large scale grow operation.

PERFECT FOR ANY ENVIRONMENT Ideal IP65 Rating for commercial applications.

REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN The concentric square design eliminates common shortcomings of popular LED fixtures, offering an extremely even PPFD across the canopy, ensuring maximum production and overall plant health.

OVER-ENGINEERED From over-engineered heat sinks and electronic components to a commercial grade aluminum body the bulletproof construction will be the only part of your grow you won't have to worry about.

TUNEABLE SPECTRUM With a 3-channel fully customizable spectrum, this fixture is capable of providing the perfect spectral output at every stage of growth, meaning a faster, healthier plant with significantly less wasted energy with a compatible controller.

SLIM PROFILE At only 4.3" this will take up minimal space and maximize your potential profits. 

OSRAM SSL DIODES Industry-leading, commercial-grade diodes with 75,000+ hr lifespan that is capable of withstanding the harshest conditions helps to ensure you can grow with complete confidence that you are providing your plants the best the industry has to offer.



GSI1 Controller +$299 (Optional Accessories)

Grow Strong’s GSI1 digital lighting controller, connects with over 500 X2 grow lights across two zones using standard telephone cables. This compact unit can control lights as far as 1,000 feet away with no start-up surge. and simulate sunrise and sunset, gradually warming up your plants. It also features brown-out/black-out detection and timing for optimal light restart, a built-in clock and 30-year rated battery backup. The GSI1 knows when temperatures in your indoor garden are too high and can automatically respond by dimming your lamps to mitigate environmental stress and plant damage. Output power can be fine-tuned up to 750W in 10% increments.


Veg Footprint

4' x 4'
Flower Footprint 4' x 4'


750 watts

Light Output 1650 μmol/s
HID/HPS Equivalent 1000+ watts
Dimensions 39.4”x 39.4”x 4.3”
Weight 40.2 lbs
Recommended Height 6" - 12"
Manufacturer's Warranty 5 years