Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 60W Supplement LED Light Strip Bar

ECO Farm

The high-efficiency, waterproof 60-watt LED supplemental LED grow bar light is the supplemental lighting source for any indoor grow. The passively-cooled design of this grow light make it quietly and efficiently while cutting down your electricity costs. This 3ft long fixture provides a great spread with minimal shadows, thus ensuring expected plant development.

  • High-Power LEDsThe light uses 36 pcs of high-power Osram LEDs that make it a brighter light while reducing energy requirements.

  • WaterproofThe durable and waterproof body makes the light suitable for use in humid and wet conditions.

  • 60-Watt Power SupplyThis LED grow light consumes only 60 watt of electricity making it a great option over many energy-sucking grow lights.

  • Wide ApplicationsThe HLG 60 supplement LED bar light is suitable for vertical farming, greenhouses, grow rooms and grow tents, thanks to the OSRAM technology.

Powered by the OSRAM technology, the light is equipped with hyper red 660nm that makes it an unmatched product in its class of high power grow light LEDs. It consists of 8 blue (B) 470nm LEDs and 8 red (R) 630nm. In addition to these, the plant light also consists of 16 deep red (DR) 660nm and 4 far-red (FR) 730nm LEDs.

The red light (630-660nm) is critical for flowering and fruiting. It is also essential for the plants’ early life for seed germination, root growth, and bulb development.

Blue light 470nm encourages the vegetative growth of your plants. It is essential for seedlings and young plants when they are at the vegetative stage of their growth cycle. Plenty of blue light results in strong, healthy stems and leaves.

The reduced fixture size reduces shadowing over the plants and also lowers the fixture’s overall cost. Powered by the waterproof and dustproof technology, this LED grow light fits for indoor and outdoor lighting, providing enough light to help plants grow. This is useful especially when the plants need extra light in snowy or rainy days, so you don’t need to worry about the water damage to your light.

In order to install the fixture, make a hole in the end cap for hanging with cable hanger, which is included in the packaging, or to pass a mounting screw through.


  • LEDs: 36pcs high-power Osram LEDs

    • 8 Blue (B) 470nm
    • 8 Red (R) 630nm
    • 16 Deep Red (DR) 660nm
    • 4 Far Red (FR) 730nm
  • Power Supply: 60 watts

  • Cable Length: 4ft cable. Includes power supply

  • Fixture Length: 3ft (89cm)

Package Includes:

  • 1x HLG 60 Supplement Bar

  • 60W Power Supply

  • Hangers

High-efficiency, waterproof 60-watt LED supplemental grow bar. The passively-cooled, 3ft long fixture provides a great spread with minimal shadows.


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