GrowPros HM960 Foldable LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Light Strips

ECO Farm

A full-spectrum LED rack lighting solution designed for commercial indoor and greenhouse applications, enabling control over the plant cycle from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. Indoor plants grow best under full-spectrum lights, which replicate the natural spectrum of the sun. The HM960 Series, with an increased lifespan over traditional grow light sources, cultivates healthier, happier plants.

Performance Data

The HM960 Series produces 1.8 gram per watts (dried) of crop yield. A high-PPFD and PAR indicates high efficacy, or light output produced per expenditure of unit of power. Generating about 50% more in energy savings over traditional HID and HPS light sources, the HM960 gives you meaningful savings over time. Will not produce the same results without CO2 supplementation. cULus Listed; Dry and Damp Location Rated; 7-Year Warranty.

The HM960 Advantage

Better control of environmental and production factors means higher yield and multiple harvests in one growing season. No wasted energy: Almost 100% of power expended converts into growth-targeted light energy. The HM960 lighting system is a complete, pre-assembled LED grow light that lowers installation time with a wide range of wiring techniques and connectors. The HM960 Series system runs cool thanks to a passive cooling thermal management system, meaning your lighting systems last longer while retaining high light output levels. Longer lifespan means you can grow crops for many years without needing to replace the lighting system, reducing costs.


Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with TrolMaster system+Adapter LMA-14
  • Total of 4500 pcs LED diodes on the fixture including deep red led diode
  • Perfect grow solution for 4’ x 6’ grow tray
  • Come with 120-277V AC output quick access outlet on the fixture
  • Foldable design, easy installation
  • Scientifically engineered to maximize photosynthesis, growth, and yield

DIMMER: The HM960 comes with an integral dimmer that you can adjust to 25, 50, 75, 100, and 110 percent for an extra boost of power.

CONTROL SYSTEM: Works with TrolMaster Hydro control systems. You will need to use a lighting control adapter F(LMA-14). When you put the dimmer in EXT mode, it is at 110% power, and ready to connect to the control system (If you daisy chain these lights and use a control system to control them together, you need to switch it to EXT mode).



  • Vegetative stage is 75% power at about 36”-48” high



  • 1-2 week is 75% power at 36” high
  • 3-6 week is 75% power at 24” high
  • 7-8 week is 100% power at 18” high
  • 9-10 week is 110% power at 18” high




PERFORMANCE DATA 960W (100%) @ 12"H 1000W (110%) @ 12"H
PPF 2496 μmol/s 2600 μmol/s
PPFD 1298 μmol/m2/s 1393 μmol/m2/s
PPE 2.6 μmol/J 2.6 μmol/J


What's In The Box

  • 1x network cable for daisy chain
  • 1x 120-240V plug adapter
  • 2x steel wire sling
  • 2x 1/8 lifting pulley hoist rope hook
  • 4x thumb screw


Additional Info

Spec Sheet 





​Wattage: 960W (Boost up to 1000W)

Heat Load: 2148 BTU

Input Power 120V-277V

  • 120V: 8.3A @ 980W
  • 208V: 4.66A @ 970W
  • 240V: 4.01A @ 960W
  • 277V: 3.47A @ 960W

Coverage Area:

  • Flower: 4’ X 6’ Area
  • Veg: 4’ X 6’ Area
  • Max: 4’ X 8’ Area 
Frequncy: 50/60Hz

Control: 0-10V dimming (0-100%), Wireless

Power Factor: 0.9

THD: 20%

Thermal Management: Passive

Working Temp: -40ºF ~ 122ºF

IP Rating: IP44, Suitable for dry & damp locations

Dimensions: 58.66" x 42.8" x 3"

Weight: 52 lbs 

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