Growlite 720W Fulgent Full Spectrum Foldable LED Grow Light Strips

ECO Farm

The Growlite 720W Fulgent LED Grow Light is best suited for indoor cultivation over benches, multi-level vertical racks and grow tents. The high-performance, low-profile, energy-efficient horticulture LED fixture allows growers higher quality yields for cannabis, food and floriculture harvests.

This 8 bar fixture features Samsung and OSRAM LEDs that boast PPF levels of 1763 μmol/m2/s with a PPF Efficacy of 2.48 μmol/m2/s. With a well-balanced red-to-blue full spectrum, the Fulgent LED provides deep canopy penetration with a coverage area of up to 4’ x 4’ with built-in drivers for optimum efficiency, reliability and high end performance.  

Key Features

IP65 Rated. Best suited for single-tier benches, multi-tier racks and grow tents.

Built-in drivers for quick installation. Plug and play ready.

0-10V Dimming with 2RJ ports for smart controls. Compatible with 0-10V dimming controllers (I.E., Trolmaster HCS-1).

Samsung and Osram LEDs for optimum efficiency, reliability and high-end performance.

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