Grower's Choice 1000W Digital Double Ended Horticulture Grow Light

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The 1000-watt double-ended fixture has been designed for commercial applications, which delivers the highest PAR and high-efficiency. With the dimming function, you can increase the power flow from 600 watts to 1000 watts. The GC series ballast delivers 30% higher efficiency in comparison to any standard magnetic ballast. The GC series ballast is compatible with ceramic metal halide lamps, HPS, and metal halide.

  • Smart Step Technology: With the GC series ballast, you can take complete control over the lamp output. By simply turning the dial, you can step back to full power again.

  • Super Lumen: With the ballast, you can achieve the highest lamp performance, which could go upto 10% depending on the model.

  • 30% Higher Efficiency: It is the better alternative than the standard system ballast as it delivers 30% higher efficiency by consuming more lumens per consumed energy.

  • AI Ignition Control:It helps balance the electrical draw and ignites a single lamp at a time to prevent spikes and electrical surges.

With the GC-315 and GC-1000 digital ballasts, you can run various lamps(different wattages) simultaneously. You only have to adjust the dial on the ballast to adjust the heat and light output.

The grow light comes with a smart step technology that helps you adjust the lamp's output when not much power is required. The GC-315 and GC-1000 have a super lumen feature, which can help increase the ballast's output, so you achieve the maximum output and increased yields.

The horticulture fixture does not include a bulb. So you will have to make a separate purchase. With the GC series ballast, you can use quality HPS, ceramic metal halide lamps, and metal halide. The lamps by grower’s choice have been optimized, making them perfect for use with highly-efficient electronic ballast.

The GC series digital ballast has a unique design that acts as a heat sink, which balances the ambient temperature of the ballast without the need for cooling fans. In the absence of any cooling fans, the ballast does not create any disturbing sounds.

The ballast has a total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 10%, due to which it does not interfere with the radio and television equipment.

You get full circuit protection with the GC series ballast as it uses sophisticated software controlled by the circuit breaking system. The system will protect against faults like under-voltage, over-voltage, short circuit protection, open circuit, and over-temperature protection.

The double-ended fixture is the perfect solution for supporting growth of plants and vegetation in commercial setups. Large scale growers will find the grow a perfect horticulture solution. Due to the system’s dimming capacity the output of the fixture can be optimized.


  • SKU/Model No.:GC-DE1000

  • Rated Main Voltage: 120V 240V

  • Input Current: 9.2A 4.6A

  • Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz

  • Power Factor: >0.98

  • THD:<10%

  • Required Lamp Voltage: 220V +/- 20V

  • Ignition Voltage: 3KV-4KV

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