Groplanner TPO Series 640W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

ECO Farm

Groplanner TPO Series is an electronic horticultural LED fixture engineered to replace traditional HPS fixtures. At similar light intensity, this grow light ensures a better control of the growing and consumes 40% less power than traditional 1000W HPS fixtures, whilst delivering a stronger and generative crops with lower temperature and operational cost. 

Run at 640W, Groplanner O series has amazing efficiency of 2.6mol/j and 2200mol/s, so that it provides powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration to achieve high yield.  Good heat dissipation means lower environmental heat, thus avoiding damage to plants.

Groplanner TPO series LED grow light with built-in dimming knob provides growers with greater flexibility. In addition, the light fixture can be connected in series through RJ14 network cable for multi-lights control, which is the best choice for large-area growers, and can connect up to 100 lamps. 


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