Futurola Mega Commercial Shredder Shred 5lbs of Flower in 7 Seconds

ECO Farm

Product Description

The Futurola Original Shredder not only shreds several pounds of fresh bud into finely ground herb, but it also significantly shreds pre rolled joints’ production time for serious manufacturers, producers, grow houses, and dispensaries.

The Futurola Mega Shredder is a sound investment. It can precisely shred from 5 pounds of flower in 7 seconds flat, ensuring optimum consistency for filling quality pre rolled cones. When used in combination with the Futurola Knockbox 3, you can easily produce 100 quality pre rolls in 2 minutes. Minus the messy work, that’s also thousands of joints in an average business day!

This high-performance commercial weed grinder is manufactured from food-grade stainless steel, making it easy to clean and maintain. A removable pin also allows for bud loading into the weed grinder quick and simple, and the Plexiglas lid keeps your flower safe with its built-in magnetic closure. The herb shredder even features a digital timer, making it easy to track your pre rolled joint production output.


Futurola Shredder Product Specs

  • Made in USA
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Easy to Clean
  • Digital Timer
  • Food-Grade Stainless Steel #304 Barrel
  • Plexiglas Lid With Magnetic Closure
  • Removable Pin For Loading & Unloading

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