FlexStar Hydroponic 1000W Dimmable Double Ended Fixture

ECO Farm

Our FlexStar hydroponic fixture allows growers to create an ideal lighting environment through each steps of the plant's development improving their vitality, health and yield. FlexStar is the first product on the market that allows control over the illuminated surface. Through its unique design, FlexStar increases lighting efficiency as well as growth and development of plants.

The high efficiency of double ended (DE) lighting fixtures makes them an ideal choice for professional and amateur growers. The FlexStar systems combines the high efficiency of a double ended fixture with a 95% reflective premium grade Vega aluminum embossed reflector. This reflector is adjustable to 3 positions to increase lighting intensity or to cover a wider surface. The system intensity can be easily adjusted using a dial knob to 600W/750W/1000W/1150W power enabeling even more control on the lighting environment.

Highlight Features

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Key Features

Power Settings

  • 600W
  • 750W
  • 1000W
  • 1150W


95% reflective embossed Italian Vega alumium reflector

Reflector positions

  • Narrow position: 4' x 4' illumination
  • Medium position: 4' x 6' illumination
  • Large position: 4' x 8' illumination

Input Voltage

120VAC to 240VAC

Power cord

10' electrical cord with 120V outlet

Housing color


Lamp included

No lamp included

Lamp socket

Double Ended (DE) RSC (Rx7s)


logo cETLus Listed



Narrow Position

FlexStar photometric curve on narrow reflector position

Medium Position

Diagramme photométrique du luminaire FlexStar en position moyenne

Wide Position

FlexStar photometric curve on wide reflector position

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