Flexstar Dimmable LED Grow Light - 120W Quantum Board

ECO Farm


The Flexstar Dimmable LED Grow Light is an ideal light source for your small grow op. LED grow lights generate less heat than traditional HPS or MH light sources and are therefore less likely to burn/"overcook" your precious plants while still providing the essential light your plant needs to grow, this light provides all spectrums (full spectrum) your plant need for its various growth stages.



  • Powered by Samsung diodes LM301H
  • Slim design
  • Full spectrum
  • High efficacy: 2.3 umol/j
  • Energy saving
  • Dimming option: 50% / 75% / 100% / off
  • Etl certificated



Power 120W
Efficacy 2. 3umol/J
Spectrum Full
Light Type LED
Input Power 100W/100-277V
Frequency 50-60HZ
Weight 3.22lbs (1.46kg)

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