Enlite Horti 840W Top Light-840 LED Grow Light

ECO Farm


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TL Series offers 1-to-1 replacement HPS solution and designed for indoor edicinal plants cultivation or acting as a greenhouse supplemental light source. It has a PPF ranging from 2140 μmol/s to 2940 μmol/s, 840W input power, 0-10V dimming and has a lifespan over 50,000 hours.

Excellent Heat Dissipation 

With a self-designed special structure heat dissipation design, this TL series LED grow light can keep the light body in a much lower working temperature comparing to the other grow lights (HID/HPS). This unique design can not only extend the light lifespan, but brings less harm to the crop canopies. Lower heat release, better grow atmosphere.

Certified Waterproof IP65

We design the TL series with certified waterproof level to IP65, to make sure the light keep in a stable working status even in a super high humidity atmosphere. For as though we normally hanging the light 6-8 inches away from the crop canopies, you are doing the irrigation daily and the room humidity keeps in a high level.

Self-dimming Knob

For small quantities of LED grow lights, now you can adjust the light power to 40%, 55%, 70%, 85%, and 100% of the full light input power by adjusting the light self-dimming knob only. And you can applying with one master controller to control lights within 100 sets as a whole in daisy-chained by adjusting to the EXT (exterior) mode.