Electrivo 960W XBar Pro LED Grow Light

ECO Farm

Our full spectrum LED grow lights are backed by science, extensive testing, and research to ensure your commercial growing operation is prosperous. Your business will be fully equipped with high quality products and support from our US Account Management team from purchasing to delivery.

Product Highlights

  • Full-spectrum LED with longer exposure time to increase maximum output.

  • Surface IP65 waterproof rating, suitable for high humidity environment application.

  • Suspending and ceiling mounting optional, lifting height range 6”-48”. Adjustable hanging cable for height requirements during grow periods.

  • Elastic surround with mechanical and electrical connectors for maximum safety.

  • Independent external driver for easy installation and upgrade.

  • Constant current drive for maximum lifetime.

  • Sustainable packaging to minimize packaging and transportation cost.

Additional Specs

  • Locked patented design with one-click assembly, easy to install and upgrade.

  • Up to 100pcs of light can be cascade dimmed via network cable.

  • Optional 0-10V dimming available individually or master-slave with RJ11 cord.

  • Separated light module design, DIY according to the space and environment.

  • Application environment: mainly used for indoor cultivation.

  • DLC listed in order to qualify for utility rebates.

Performance Data

  • Input Voltage: 100-277Vac

  • Input Power: 960W

  • PPF: 2646µmol/s

  • PPE: 2.8µmol/J

  • ETL: Yes


  • Length: 1045mm (41.1”)

  • Width: 1042mm (41.0”)

  • Height: 140mm (5.5”)

Recommended Application

  • Multi-Layer: 4-5’ wide benches, 4-6” from canopy

  • Room: 6’x6’ Flowering, 7’x7’ Vegetative

  • Tent: 6’x6’ Flowering, 7’x7’ Vegetative

  • Indoor Farming

  • Vertical Farming

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