ECO Farm 36W USB Clip Plant Light Dimmable LED Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

ECO Farm

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A full-spectrum plant growth light developed according to the wavelength range of sunlight required for plant growth and the required illuminance. The rational use of this light can not only reproduce and grow under conditions that are not suitable for plant growth, but also accelerate crops. It can improve the breeding and shorten the growth cycle of crops, and avoid the occurrence of diseases, insect pests and deformed fruits. Full-spectrum grow lights are artificial light sources with a full spectrum, the resulting light beams are best suited for plant growth (chlorophyll, anthocyanin, carotene). With the floodlight effect of special floodlights, the illuminating light effect is evenly distributed, and the light efficiency is twice that of other sodium lamps of the same wattage and seven times that of incandescent light bar.






  • Input Voltage: 85-264 (5V, USB)
  • Number of LED lamp beads: 72
  • Luminous flux: 1080(lm)
  • Luminous efficiency of lamps: 30 (lm/W)
  • Power factor: 97
  • Control mode: timing, dimming
  • Size: 591*58.4(mm)
  • Shell Material: Aluminum
  • Lamp bead single power: 0.5W
  • Weight: 580(g)
  • Power: 36W(W)


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