ECO Farm Storage Bag Smell Proof Container With Lock

ECO Farm

【ODOR FREE ALWAYS DISCREET】Featuring advanced Carbon Linings that will Keep your stash items fresh, flavorful and secure. No odors will break from this odor proof bag. Lined with 8 activated carbon fiber layers and water-resistant nylon fabric to lock in odors and hide smells.

【PRACTICAL FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS】Gather all of your favorites in one place and stay organized.

【BUILT IN ORGANIZER & Zero SNAG ZIPPER】Large inner capacity comes with 3 strong removable Velcro dividers, thick, durable, and anti-tear. Built with exquisite reinforced craftsmanship, heavy-duty zippers and a classic outlook will be convenient for your daily life. It is also mild water resistant.

【POWERFUL COMBINATION LOCK】The easy-set and powerful combination lock will keep away any unwanted attention from the smell proof bag! Perfect guard for short trips, gateways, travel and home storage.

【BEST VALUE IN PEERS】Every smell proof bag is highly durable–puncture resistant and moisture repellant–making. It is reusable and helping save money. Add the right investment on the right bag.

2 large smell proof bag large smell proof bag
  • 8-Layer Protection
  • Advance Smell Proof Carbon Technology
  • eco farm smell proof bags in perfect for storage of a variety of items without odors or moisture getting in or out - perfect for keeping herbs, spices and other items fresh and flavorful
  • Powerful Combination Lock
  • Tear-resistant and equipped with a heavy-duty zipper, bag color is light-medium Grey. It also keeps UV light out of the bags - perfect for products that degrade with UV light
  • Great for indoor and outdoor trips - bring flavorful herbs without giving off odors and keep smelly items sealed up tight!
  • Measures 5.5 wide x 5 tall x 8.5 length –Large


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