ECO Farm Refrigeration Dryer Low Temperature Freeze Dryer

ECO Farm

1. The control panel is a color touch screen with a friendly human-computer interaction interface. The display screen also could realize remote control of mobile phone and computer. (Contact us to get more details)

2. Suitable for placing bulk materials

3. Freeze-drying temperature can reach to -60℃

4. Use metal vent valve, scale precision adjustment

5. Thick silicone hose, safe and not easy to deform

Freeze dried area 0.12 m²
Cold trap temperature ’-60 
Water capture 4 kg
Standard vacuum ≤5 Pa
Limit vacuum 2 Pa
Material tray 200 mm X 4 pieces
Power 680W(standard 370W vacuum pump)
Main engine weight 70 kg
Dimensions 600*558*390 mm
Power supply AC220V 25A 50Hz
Noise 55dB
Working Temperature(℃): ≤30 
Accessories Vacuum pump, KF25 Clamp*2, KF Vacuum hose*1


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