ECO Farm Quantum Board With Samsung 301B Or 301H Chips Warm White+Red+UV+IR Customize Knob Dimming LED Grow Light

ECO Farm

The latest cultivation quantum board kit for 240W indoor plants from ECO Farm (Samsung LM301B / Samsung LM301H + Osram 660nm 730nm + LG 395nm + Epistar 660nm), each kit uses 2 pieces of full-spectrum light manufactured by Samsung. 240 watts with 566 higher output Samsung LM301B / LM301H + Osram 660nm, 730nm + LG 395nm + Epistar 660nm LEDS.

1. High efficiency white and red UV + IR light
2. Full spectrum of white light for best results
3. Reliable passive refrigerated design, 15 mm thick plate
4. Better penetration of canopy light with diffused light
5. Perfect yield for vegetation and flowering
6. year warranty for heat sink plate
7. year warranty for Meanwell driver power

    240 Watts
    Voltage Range
    566pcs Samsung lm301B/ 301H+Osram 660nm+730nm+LG395nm+Epistar 660nm
    Flowering Footprint
    121.92X121.92CM(4'X4') o 137.16X137.16CM (4.5'X4.5') (2 kit)
    Vegetative Footprint
    152.4x152.4CM(5'X5') (2 kit)
    System Efficiency
    200 Lm/W
    Recommended mounting height
    50.8-81.28CM (20-32 inches)

    Package List:

    1. LM301B / LM301H high-efficiency quantum board
    2. 1 piece black heat sink 632 * 195 * 15mm
    3. 1 piece Meanwell driver
    4. Waterproof connectors
    5. Rope hangers with ratchet
    6. plug cable

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