ECO Farm PWM Smart Telecontrol Dimming For LED Light

ECO Farm


Before using the products, be sure to turn off the manual dimming and 0-10V dimming first if they are working.

Do not control the LED fixture with the 3 dimming functions at the same time.

Some instructions in this guide may assume that you are using the factory supply LED Grow Light PWM dimmer with daisy chain dimming box.

The controller/dimmer can generally use for all LED products dimming control.

PWM controller designed for LED grow lights,multiple daisy chain control over 200pcs at a time.


1.Press to turn on/off the LED fixtures.


2.Please set local time first before using dimming function: press"TIME" for local time setting.

3.Customization settings: The dimmer can set/save 2 customized settings in the system.

Step 1: Press "CUS" to enter into customization settings(INTERFACE 3).

Step 2: Press "OK" to select,press for CUSTOM 1/CUSTOM 2 toggle

Step 3: Press "OK" to select CUSTOM1 or CUSTOM2,press"OK" again to enter into setting interface(INTERFACE 4)

Step 4: Press "OK" to start setting,press directional key UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT to select BRT(BRIGHTNESS) and TIME(INTERFACE 4).press " + - " to change the number.

Step 5: When all customization setting done,press "OK" to save and auto run the "CUSTOM" settings(INTERFACE 5)

Note:Press "Back" can cancel the custom setting and back to main interface.

Caution: Assume that SET1 start time is 06:00, the SET2 start time should be after 06:00 like 06:01 and can not be 06:00 which is same with SET1,if set the same time,the system will be confused at 06:00 and can not run normally at this time.

4. Press "PRE" to select factory preset programs, there are 2 preset programs in the system,press the directional key "UP/DOWN to select "PRESET1" or "PRESET2",once selected,press "OK" to save and run the program.

Note: Press "Back" can cancel the Preset setting and back to the main interface.

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