ECO Farm Portable New Enail/Dnail Temperature Controller Set With Nail Quartz Coil Heater

ECO Farm


Type: Unknown Type


1. Standard sizes available with various cross section

2. Robust design with choice of terminal exits

3. Available with built-in thermocouple

4. Designed for even heat profile.

5. Precision fit on hot runner nozzles & manifolds.

6. Highly non-corrosive.

7. Maximum heat transfer due to more contact area.

Measuring range: 0-999℃

Titanium nail set: 

a six-in-one nail, a titanium cap

All quartz nails:

14/18 four-in-one set contains 3 accessories, nails, cover, conversion head

Bag set:

1*enail host: 125*90*40mm
1*Coil: inner diameter 20mm, 100w
1*Titanium nail: nail+cap/1*Quartz nail: nail+cap+converter
1*Power cord
1*Food grade silicone pad: 10*10cm
2*silicone box: 5ml*2
1*Instruction: 1 pcs
1*High quality PU bag
Bag size: 22*15*7cm
Weight: 800g