ECO Farm Plant Reflective Reflection Film Garden Greenhouse Grow Light Accessories(Package of 2Pc)

ECO Farm

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Our plant reflective film is adopting PETP film, eco-friendly, safe and healthy, and PETP film has excellent property of transmitting solar radiation.
Making the most efficient use of your lighting by reflecting light onto your plants, perfect for using in garden or greenhouse to increase plant growth.
Ideal for placing on wall, ceiling and floors of a growing area, in order to improve light reflection and distribution.
It can be simply cut into different size to meet your needs, easy and convenient to use.
Portable and lightweight, it also can be folded for convenient storage.

High quality- Durable, puncture-resistant and tear-resistant.

Greenhouse reflectance coating is perfect for indoor planting to reflect light back to plants and facilitate plant growth without additional lighting.


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