ECO Farm PAR Meter Lux Meter PPFD Luminous Intensity Measurement Photosynthesis Light Quantum Meter Accurate for grow light 400-700nm

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Photosynthesis Light Quantum Meter 1339P 

●Autoranging 5 steps and conversion to µmole/m²/s (PPFD: Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density).
●Integral illuminance measurement and conversion to mole/m²/d (Daily light integral).

●Luminous intensity measurement.
●Point - average function.
●User calibration factor (CAL) and spectral correction factor (SCF) function. (include LED)

●Time-hold function.
●Dual Display, 4 digit LCD reading.
●Spectral Sensitivity close to CIE photopic Curve.
●Accurate and Instant response.
●Data Hold function.
●Data memory and read function.
●Reference value stored for relative or percentage deviation measurement.
●Ripple measurement for STRAY + LIGHT function.
●Comparator function.
●Auto power off function.
●Auto datalogging & USB interface.

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