ECO Farm 6 Inch Cool Tube Reflector Hood For Grow Light System Kits

ECO Farm

Collections: ECO Farm Grow Lights, ECO Farm HID Grow Lights

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  • Double ended air cool hood grow light reflector is perfect for warehouse grows, bigger grow tents, and grow rooms looking for lots of light coverage
  • The Air Cool Hood offers a collapsible glass shield for simple bulb removal and replacement; 6" air duct ports for quick bulb and garden cooling; and multiple points of reflection for full and stronger light coverage
  • Compatible with 400w, 600w, 1000w ballasts running from either a 110v(American) or 240v (European) power outlets
  • Its K12x30S Sockets will power 400w, 600w, and 1000w double ended HPS and MH bulbs with no problems
  • Reflector Dimensions: 21.5in.(L) x 20in.(W) x 7in.(H)

  • Material: steel
  • Color: White powder coating
  • Reflector Dimensions: 24"Lx13 1/2”Wx 7" H
  • Built-in 6" flange
  • Body steel, with white powder coating.
  • Four sides highest quality reflective aluminum
  • Flip down Tempered glass, with silicone foam
  • 15FT power cord #16/3C ST 600V , With 3Pin Plug
  • E39, 6KV, 600V, 1500W, lamp holder
  • Two hangers included.
  • Without bulb

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