ECO Farm Fast-insltalled Luxury Foldable Container Grow House White/Red/Blue/Yellow

ECO Farm

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Fast-installed foldable container house is widely used in hydroponic area, with considerate design, exquisite structure and durability, it offers a new way of indoor planting.

High mobility:
Easy and fast folding container system which makes the house PORTABLE.

Reliable structure:
Magnesium Chloride Fireproof Board as the floor and Galvanized Steel Hinge.

Labor saving:
No need special trained labor, two people are enough for installation.


At least 15 years.

Items Materials Descriptions
Frame Structure Q235 T1.2mm Abnormity Square Tube
Hanging Head Hot Melt Cast Steel T20mm Hot Melt Cast Steel
Base Structure Q235 T1.2mm Q235 Bottom Side Rail
Q235 T1.2mm Q235 Cross Member
Roof Panel EPS Sandwich Panel T50mm Insulated EPS Sandwich Panel
Floor Magnesium Chloride Fireproof Board T15mm Magnesium Chloride Fireproof Board
Wall panel EPS Sandwich Panel 50mm EPS Sandwich Panel
Door Security door 977*2360mm Steel Door
Window Aluminum window 930*1200mm aluminum Alloy Window Grey Sliding Window
Hinge Galvanized Steel T3mm Galvanized Steel Hinge
Electric circuit Electric circuit 1 switch, 2 lights, 2 sockets, 1 electric box
Accessories Screws,glue(more screws and glue for free) full set

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