ECO Farm Hydroponics Seed Sprouter Planting Moisturizing Germinating Tray Planting Paper

ECO Farm


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  • ECO Farm special pad paper for sprout dishes, also called planting paper, is clean and hygienic, and does not contain any chemical residues such as bleach and fluorescent powder.
  • It is widely used in the cultivation of various sprouts.
  • Seed growing paper is the raw material of newspapers. It is a white paper that has not been printed. Our seed-growing paper has good water absorption and has not been artificially bleached. The color is darker. So don’t think that white is good. White is generally bleached. Newsprint is not the same as A4. , The water absorption of A4 can't reach the effect of newsprint at all.
  • Use the rough side of the nursery paper! Otherwise, it will affect the water-absorbent sprouts special seed-growing paper. Clean, sanitary, pollution-free, green and healthy!
  • Tips: Don't cover the bottom of the tray completely, make the paper slightly smaller than the bottom of the tray, so that the excess water can easily leak out and prevent the accumulation of water from rotten seeds.

  • Features: breathable
  • Use form: desktop
  • Style: Pastoral
  • Application scenarios: home gardening, balcony vegetable garden
  • Bottom diameter: 52.5*21cm
  • Process: Cutting
  • Production method: cutting
  • color: White
  • Size: 100 sheets of 18*26cm seedling paper/100 sheets of 52.5*21cm seedling paper/ 100 sheets of 54*19.5cm seedling paper
  • Note: Trays NOT Included