ECO Farm Home Vertical Hydroponic Grow Equipment Small Hydroponic Grow Set

ECO Farm

* Vertical planting system. it consists of a number of cultivation parts and planting baskets

* Into a circle. Stacked together and placed on the water tank to form planting vertically. The water inlet part install in the top layer, and connect to the water pipe, then cover the top
*The cultivation part is a planting area, and the nutrient solution drips from the top through the main body diversion plate of each layer to the planting
* Basket below, so as to make the fog. keeps the roots wet
10 layers size: 670*670*1700
Water pump: 110V-240V. 2500l/h 15W
Water tank: 30L
Planting hole: 80
Package size
   :600*425*350  11.5kg  
    670*670*230   6kg
1. Used for planting flowers, vegetables and so on
2.The water circulation cultivation. save 90% water
3. Pollution free Soilless cultivation.
4. Easy to assemble
5. Mult Vertical planting system.

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