ECO Farm Heat Rosin Press Machine 350kg Max 3 X 2 Inch Heat Platen

ECO Farm

Medical plants drying & oil extraction heat presser heat platen: 1.2-inch thick solid aluminum made heating element, 3x2inch Platen, 0~250℃/ 485℉ Temperature Range, 2~5℃ temperature difference.
The clamshell heat presser is able to generate 350kg/ 770lb force and work perfectly.
Digital control panel, aluminum heating element 9x 15.7x 11.8 inch self-weight 13 lbs heat presser with LCD controller: the digital controller has temperature and time function, easy for setting
CE (EMC, MD, Rohs)/ UL certified spare parts: spare parts used on prior heat presses are either CE or UL certified, which remains stable working condition and lower fail rate.

Attention: Before using, you need to increase the pressure by using the pressure adjustment wrench to adjust the pressure nut. Please kindly noted that do not adjust the pressure very large, this may cause the machine problem like handle broken, and will influence the heat press machine service life

  1. Check the voltage before using it. The correct voltage is 110V-240V/50Hz.
  2. Turn off the machine when not in use, and remove the power plug from socket. Always Keep children away from the machine.
  3. Do not touch the heating platen or platen cover after pressing whilst in operation.
  4. Do not set the temperature any higher than 300F, normal application temp. Is within 300F

Influencing factor

- Temperature
- Amount of Time Pressed
- Amount of Force Applied
- Size/Weight of material

  • Operation Type: Manual
  • Control Panel: Digital Controller
  • Surface Painting: Environmental Friendly Powder Spraying
  • Heating Element: Die Casting Aluminum Heating Element (Double)
  • Gross Weight: 6kg/ 13 lbs
  • Certificate: CE (EMC, MD, Rohs)


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