ECO Farm Full Spectrum 45W Red And Blue LED Grow Light

ECO Farm


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Beam angle
Input Voltage
IP grade
450 umol/m2/s @0.3 meter
Lighting area
0.5m²@0.3 meter
Rated life

Red light: 165 pcs
Promotes growth of plants, germination, flowering, fruiting, and photosynthesis, plays a leading role in entire life of plants.

Blue light: 60 pcs
Enhance the chloroplast activities, promote cell division, grow leaves and grow more faster.

• ECO Farm 45W lights provide different wavelength which can be fully absorbed by the plants.
• Can be placed above the plant directly, promote the plant growth, budding, flowering, promote plants PPFD.
• Different wavelength of light is different for the influence of plant photosynthesis. Red light wavelength is 625nm-630nm , 650-660nmblue wavelength is 440nm-470nm. In the visual effect, red blue combined LED plant grow light appear pink.
• Blue light be beneficial to plant photosynthesis, can promote green leaves growing, protein synthesis,fruit formation.
• Red light can promote plant roots growing, be helpful for flowering, fruit and extend the flowering period, play a role to increase production.
• Red and blue LED ratios of this LED plant grow light is 5:1.
• Fan-cooling systems with great heat dissipation.
• LED plant grow light can replace 3-5 times power traditional high pressure sodium lamp etc, save 80% of the electricity.


Range from UV to Infare red, the spectrum has been designed carefully to deliver the most photosynthetically useful light to plants after extensive testing, 100% usable and efficient for your plants, it has the biggest contribution for plants and useful for increasing the harvest.

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