ECO Farm Flower Window Box PP Resin Rectangular Window Planters Vegetables Growing Container Garden Flower Plant Pot for Balcony TNS

ECO Farm

Collections: ECO Farm Accessories

Type: Unknown Type

Size: 44*19*14cm

Color: Green, Purple, Pink, Yellow, White, Brick Red, Blue, Army Green, Black, Beige

Material: pp resin

Water-permeable design of the bottom of the pot: The unique design of the bottom solves the problem of water retention in the flowerpot, and the roots of the plants can better breathe and drain.

Tray waterproof design: The tray has a leak-proof design, which facilitates the drainage of excess water in the pot, is breathable, and helps plant growth.

Thickening treatment: The flower pots are thickened to make them more durable.

Adopt brand-new materials: use brand-new materials without peculiar smell, and it is safer to grow flowers and vegetables.

Intimate high-foot design: high-foot design is conducive to ventilation, and plants can quickly grow roots.

1 x Flower Window Box

1 x Tray

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