ECO Farm Electric Spice Grinder Machine Huge Power For Commercial

ECO Farm

ECO Farm Commercial Electric Spice Grinder Machine

The high-speed multifunction grinder features is adopted latest German technology, with the following features: fine structure, low noise, small size, no vibration, compact appearance and easy operation.It can grind all kinds of corns and grains into fine powder at 50-300 mesh.

Model NO. Grinding Capacity (g) Voltage (v) Rated Power Rotation Speed(r/min) Diameter(CM) Gross Weight
HC-150 150 110-230 850W 28000 10 2.4KG
HC-200 200 110-230 1300W 28000 12.5 3.6KG
HC-300 300 110-230 1300W 28000 15.5 3.9KG
HC-250Y 250 110-230 1500W 28000 12.5 4.8KG
HC-700Y 350 110-230 1800W 28000 15.5 4.38KG
HC-700Y Pro 350 110-230 1800W 28000 15.5 4.38KG
HC-500Y 500 110-230 2000W 28000 16.5 6.8KG
HC-800Y 800 110-230 2400W 28000 20.5 7.8KG
HC-1000Y 1000 110-230 3000W 28000 20.5 8.2KG
HC-2000Y 2000 110-230 3000W 28000 20.5 8.5KG
HC-3000A 3000 110-230 4000W 28000 25.5 14.0KG

How To Set Up:

The working time is depending on the material.
1. 20s--spice such as chili, pepper
2. 20s-30s--bean, such as soybean, rice, corn niblet.
3. 40s-60s--hard things, such as pearl, roots.
4. about the material with fiber, the fiber cannot be crushed entirely, so there powder will be floccus.
5. about the nuts, and other things with oil. It' better to grind 2-3 seconds, then stop. again, grind 2-3 seconds, then stop. again.... It's to prevent the powder stick to the cabin. Because when the machine working, the speed of the motor is very quickly, and the material will collide with the blade and cabin, then it will generate heat. And the material is oily, it will stick to the cabin easily.

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