ECO Farm E39 Yellow Socket Extension Hydroponics Accessory

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Based on what you know now, the E39 screw bases are a little larger. E for Edison and 39 for diameter.Not 39 inches!! 39 millimeters – which is still pretty big.These bulbs are also called the “Mogul” size and are primarily used in street lights and lamps that require a higher wattage such the ones found on parking garage canopy lighting or the metal halide based wall packs.
Widely used. Please check your bulb connector type carefully to make sure this light socket adapter suitable for you.
100% work perfectly guaranteed.

High quality: Socket adapter reducer for installing mogul base (E39) light bulbs into medium base (E26) sockets.
Easy to use simple design: Plug and play screw-in base, no tools needed.
Saving time and money, instead of replacing your original lighting fixtures.
Durable fire resistant material: High temperature & erosion-resistant, no fire hazard, suitable for max 250V, 10A, 660W. Application:Garden

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