ECO Farm Double Ended HPS Open Reflector Hydroponic Indoor Grow Light Fixture

ECO Farm


Collections: ECO Farm Grow Lights, ECO Farm HID Grow Lights

Type: Unknown Type

Ulter reflective even coverage
Mirror panels connected with textured corners to deliver unprecedented even coverage, no hot spots and no dead zones
Unique vents which regulate temperature and prolong the life of the ballast.
Run cool and consereves energy
This uses unique cooling vents to maintain a lower-than-average operating temperature while saving money on your electric bill.

Overall size: 20L * 20W * 9.50 H inch
Body steel, with white powder coating.
87% reflective EU aluminum
Tempered glass
15FT cord #16/3C ST 600V , With 3Pin Plug
K12x30s lamp holder,3KV

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