ECO Farm Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Temperature Controller

ECO Farm

High-Quality Construction
The controller is made of extra-fortified plastic and high-quality components that won’t malfunction under tough conditions.
Clear, minimalist display, detailed finishing, smooth edges, and tactile buttons demonstrate the controller’s superior craftsmanship.


Regulates and maintains your preferred temperature within a range of 68–108 ºF; perfect for professional horticulturalists or the budding grower. Comes with a sensor probe so you can reliably track the temperature of your plant’s roots
HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: made of an extra-fortified plastic, components will not rust or malfunction under tough conditions
ZERO-EFFORT SET UP & OPERATION: The controller comes with a manual but you won’t need to read it! Using just 3 buttons, you can set a temperature or change the display between Fahrenheit/Celsius in seconds
USE, HANG, FORGET: Our controller comes with a hanging tab and wall mount along with a convenient angled socket to keep cords untangled and neat. Guaranteed to keep your growing operation perfectly balanced, as all things should be
COMPATABILITY & SAFETY GUARANTEED: Compatible with any heat mat and ready to plug in to outlets.

The thermostat controller is rigorously tested to ensure the safety of your plants, pets or DIY projects
ECO Farm’s temperature control technology maintains a constant temperature within a small range and saves electricity whenever possible

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