ECO Farm Digital CO2 Monitor Regulator Controller With Remote Sensor For Indoor Hydroponics

ECO Farm


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  • Display real time CO2 value
  • Target zone indicator
  • External CO2 sensor to be used in closed space
  • Accurate 2-Channel low drift NDIR CO2 measuring
  • Programmable CO2 zone value & CO2 center value to control output power on/off
  • Display CO2 chart with variable time zoom levels
  • Max. /Min. recall function
  • Audible alarm warns CO2 concentration
  • Built-in Day/Night auto detection to override CO2 control
  • Monitoring & Controlling CO2 value in Green house, residential and commercial building
  • CO2 concentration alarms

CO2 Range 0~9999 ppm
CO2 Resolution 1 ppm (0~1000 ppm);
5 ppm (1000~2000 ppm) ;
10 ppm (>2000 ppm)
CO2 Accuracy (below 3000 ppm) ±50 ppm or ±5% of reading, whichever is greater
CO2 Accuracy (above 3000 ppm) ±7% of reading
Warm-up Time 30 Seconds
Operating Temperature 0~50
Operating RH% 5~95% RH (avoid condensation)
Power Supply AC 100~240 VAC
Piggyback socket load 5A@250VAC; 10A@120VAC