ECO Farm Digital 630W Single Ended CMH Grow Light Kit Dimmable Light For Greenhouse

ECO Farm

ECO Farm single-ended 630W ceramic metal halide fixture brings you the best of high-intensity lighting and efficiency in one! This horizontally mounted CMH provides much higher amounts of plant-loving UV and spectrum, helping to make your next grow the best it can be!

  • These fixtures are great for all stages of the grow cycle.
  • The increased far red spectrums of the CMH 630 makes it a great light for flowering and supplemental greenhouse lighting. Running at 630 watts, ceramic metal halides provide an ample amount of light with a much lower heat footprint VS. traditional grow room fixtures! Grow like a pro.
  • These grow light kits are great for commercial-sized operations all the way down to your starter garden at home.
  • Dimmable light: 315W, 500W, 630W
  • RJ ports allow you to connect an external controller for controlling multiple light fixtures.


    ECO Farm 630W CMH
    Rated power 630W
    Dimming 315W, 500W, 630W, Plus, EXT 0-10V
    Input voltage 220-240V
    Input current 1.5~2.85A
    Input frequency 50/60Hz
    Power factor >0.98
    Efficiency >92%
    THD ≤10%

    Open/short circuit protection, bulb faulty protection, bulb aging protection, input under-voltage protection, over-temperature protection

    Operating temperature 0℃~35℃
    Compatible lamp Single Ended Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) 315W PGZX18
    Initial luminous flux 73148lm
    PPF 1079 μmol/s
    Requirement of installment Comply with CE certificate
    Product dimensions 450x230x170mm
    Product weight 5.6KG
    Packaging method Carton Box / 1 set (Ballast, Reflector, Lamp, Power cord, Rope Ratchet Hangers)
    Packing dimensions 500x280x260mm
    Gross weight 6.2KG
    Warranty Free replacement within 3 years for ballast, 1 year for lamp
    Industry applied Greenhouse Grow Lighting, Industrial Lighting (indoor only)

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