ECO Farm Hydroponic CMH/CDM 315W Advanced Grow Bulbs

ECO Farm

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New Technology of optimal flowering: Promotes higher rate of metabolic activity and resin production through the use of UV and far-red spectra. The use of UV far-red spectra promotes higher rate of metabolic activity and resin production, optimal for flowering while also can be used for veg growth as well. Active Radiation (PAR) per watt than standard HPS/MH Bulb.
Low Heat Generated & Enhanced Lifespan: 15000 hours’ lifespan. Great for indoor gardening or supplemental greenhouse lighting.

Size: Small, 315W
Type: Single-Span Agricultural Greenhouses
Model Number: CMH Bulb
Item: CMH Bulbs
Color Temperature: 3100K/4200K

CDM lamps use one fifth of the power of comparable tungsten incandescent light bulbs for the same light output (80–117 lm/W) and retain color stability better than most other gas discharge lamps. Like other high-intensity discharge lamps, they require correctly rated electrical ballast in order to operate.

This relatively new light source, touted for being compact, efficient, and powerful, is part of the high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting category, which offers the highest efficacy and longest life of any lighting type, and saves up to 90% of lighting energy when they replace incandescent lamps.

The ceramic discharge metal-halide (CDM) lamp, often referred to as Ceramic Metal Halide lamp (CMH) or Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC), is a source of light that is a type of metal-halide lamp which is 10-20% more efficient than the traditional quartz metal halide and produces a superior color rendition (80-96 CRI).

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