ECO Farm 315W/630W/945W CMH Grow Light Digital Electronic Ballast

ECO Farm

Collections: ECO Farm CMH Grow Lights

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If you’re thinking about setting up a grow room or grow space using high-intensity discharge lamps, then you may already know that you need the best grow light ballast. The ballast will provide power to the lamp and preventing HID lights from drawing too much current. Compact fluorescent grow lights come with ballasts integrated into their circuitry, so if you use these lamps, you don’t need to purchase an external ballast. You can get the Phantom in 315 watts, 630 watts and 945 watts models that fit most HID lights. The device comes with a universal reflector adaptor that should fit most bulbs.

Input: 220-240V /50~60Hz
High Power Factor of 95%
Crest Factor<1.7
End of Lamp Life (EOL) Protection
Short circuit protection
Open circuit protection
Ignition failure protection
Thermal protection


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