ECO Farm Box Hydroponic Plant Container

ECO Farm


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  • Product Name: Box Hydroponic Planter
  • Product parameters: 38.5 cm (Length) 27cm (width) 14cm (height)
  • Product material: pp plastic
  • Product features: simple assembly
  • Product style: pastoral
  • Product weight: 1.4 kg


The delivery speed of products is higher than the level of the same industry and customers can rest assured to buy the goods they need, we will work harder to provide better products and better services! The style of this item is original to our store. The design is simple and beautiful, and the assembly is more convenient! We will continue to improve in production for the convenience of customers! The basic materials for cultivation can be recycled, so it has the characteristics of water saving, fertilizer saving, labor saving, high yield and high quality.


Accessories List
Number Name Quantity Explanation
1 planting stand 1 self-installation, convenient and simple
2 submersible pump 1 the submersible pump is placed in the water tank for the circulation of the nutrient solution
3 Controller 1 the controller controls the on-off time of the pump
4 Seedling sponge 1 can be divided into 96 pieces, used for seedling raising
5 Colonization blue 12 for immobilizing seedlings
6 Absorbent cloth 1 can be used for germination, or use during live broadcast
7 Colonize cotton 12 use dry to fix seedlings to absorb nutrients