ECO Farm Black And White Poly Panda Film Hydroponic Garden Accessories

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  • Premium performance: The black and white panda film has 5.5 mil thicknesses which can also provide 100% light proof and 100% virgin poly materials. It is ultra-durable and unlikely to rip, even with daily use.
  • Black side: The black side of the panda film provides excellent light resistant partition.
  • White side: The white side of the panda film provides over 90% reflective for use on the walls and floor, which reflects bulbs' light back to plants.
  • Complete in specifications: Eco Farm provides multiple sizes for you to choose, such as 10*50 ft., 10*100 ft.

  • Model number:black and white panda film
  • From small plant pots to big greenhouse, you can find an ideal size. We provide 10*10ft, 10*25 ft, 10*50 ft, 10*100 ft panda film for you.
  • Hydroponics garden accessories Black and white Panda Film

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