ECO Farm Ballast Cords Reflector Extension Line

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Product Details:
We offer a full range of power supply cords as well as adapters to switch from Eco Farm ballasts to other brands of reflectors, or from Eco Farm reflectors to other brands of ballasts. We also offer extension cords for your convenience, but keep in mind that some high intensity light systems may not work at long lamp cord lengths due to ignitor range restrictions.
Electrical extension cords come in different types, lengths, and sizes. There are two important factors that determine any cord's load capacity, its ability to carry electrical current.


  • Model: 120v Input plug
  • 15FT16AWG *3C L=15FT
  • 25FT16AWG *3C L=25FT
  • Type: common/standard
  • This reflector helps increase the distance between you reflector and your ballast by 25 feet.
  • Reflector to ballast extension cord that is UL Listed for safe, certified electrical installations.

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