ECO Farm 900W Waterproof LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Light Strips

ECO Farm


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  • ECO Farm newest technology sunlight Spectrum, actual power 900W, make you get 30% higher yield compare old purple led lights, to help you achieve maximum quality and quantity, which is much better than traditional grow systems.
  • The most advanced design to effectively expand the light area. At the same time, the illumination is more uniform. This grow lamp is equipped with optical lenses on the LED beads, which makes the effective PPFD of our plant light improved, and it can also make the light more concentrated.
  • No longer worry about heat dissipation even with high power. We adopt aluminum cooling plate made of advanced small molecular material, plus a small heat sink for each chip to achieve excellent heat dissipation. All of these designs made heat efficient dissipation. No fan, no noise.

  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Power: 900W
  • Voltage: AC100-270V
  • IP Rating: IP00
  • Color: RW
  • Working current: 630ma
  • Installation: Hanging with Rope